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Lisa Winand, Graphic Design Tampa Bay, FL Philosophy


Since antiquity, the Golden Spiral has been the foundation of structural integrity and natural order, in design as well as in nature. Works designed according to its principles are said to have the most aesthetically pleasing proportions.

This unity of perfect form, function and aesthetics is what I strive to incorporate into every aspect of my work. Similarly, I seek to blend my loves of design, psychology and the written word into a harmony of the visceral nature of expression and the power of communication, creating the perfect strategic solution.

Lisa Winand, Graphic Designer Biography


Lisa is an award-winning graphic designer living in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. She began her education at the York Academy of Arts with traditional training in drawing, painting and portraiture, and moved into the field of graphic arts in the digital age. More recently, she attended Miami International University of Art and Design at the Art Institute of Tampa, where she added advertising strategy to her arsenal of design tactics.

Lisa has several Addy Awards under her belt, both individually and as part of a team, and her work has been published in “Pack Your Life,” Artpower International Publishing, Col, Ltd., May 2010. Her favorite quote is “Ancora Imparo (I am still learning),” Michaelango, age 87. She hopes to continue her professional and personal growth as the industry evolves, creating something beautiful along the way.

Lisa Winand, Graphic Design Tampa Bay, FL Work

Experience Summary

I have over 20 years’ experience in print, advertising, and branding. More recently, I have been exploring web, interactive, social media, SEO, Google Analytics, marketing strategy and UI/UX. I hope to bring my strong design skills into my newfound love of UI, where I can combine my love of psychology with my love of design to create experiences that are effective and results-driven and well as beautiful.

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Lisa was creative, timely and attentive to detail. It was a pleasure to work with her! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a valuable asset to any company.

- William Whiteside, Regional Manager at DealerAds Today


[Lisa] is a professional who is a very driven and dedicated to her work. I am thrilled to see her continued creative growth as a graphic designer over the years. Lisa also has a very pleasant personality which made her one of my favorite associates. Lisa would be an outstanding candidate for any company.

- Sharene Miller, Account Designer GSP Marketing Technologies


Lisa Winand’s graphic design and marketing analysis are some of the best I have seen in my two years at the Art Institute of Tampa. Her professional strengths are: effective communication, drive for excellence, conceptual thinking and ability to translate market information into actionable design for a target audience.

- Lisa McMichael, User Researcher at Perficient Experience Design Agency


Lisa has the unique ability to craft professional copy that supports the high-end agency level design solutions that she produces. Lisa is able to meet tight deadlines in a fast paced work environment.

- Diane DeCandio, Marketing & Graphics Manager at PSCU

I had the opportunity to work with Lisa on a corporate brand guideline team. During the rebranding time, Lisa had a solid vision of our new direction and she developed a beautiful and professionally formatted brand style guide (for our part of the project, Audio/Visual (Video)/Social Media Best Practices and Guidelines). All of her graphic work that I’ve seen has been of superb quality and she can always back up her reasons for any image/graphic project from a professional standpoint rather than an emotional or opinionated one.

- Tracie Moore, Experienced Instructional Designer and Business Analyst Specialist


Lisa is a fantastic and creative designer who intuitively knows what the client wants even before they do! She completes projects on time and with little direction often working later and harder just to get it right. Lisa is a dedicated designer and a professional and I was proud to work with her. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a highly functional team member and a great addition to their staff.

- Sherie Carlson, Director of Operations/Finance at Sports Facilities Advisory


Lisa is a thought-provoking problem solver. With strong strategic-minded skills, Lisa approaches each assignment with a passion and energy that is contagious. She will endeavor to go beyond the parameters in her search for the best possible solution. Her attention to detail exceeds the performance of most, and is a pleasure to have on any team.

- William Corridori, BFA, MBA, Graphic Design Instructor, Art Institute of Tampa

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